My name is Louise. I’m an equine osteopath on a journey to help riders and owners understand their horse’s body better!

But why is it important that you understand your horse's body better?

The way we are taught to ride horse is fundamentally wrong.

From ignoring signs of pain to rushing horses through training, we are hurting our horses without ever realising the extent of the damage we’re creating.

It took me 5 years of in depth training in biomecanics plus being close to a horse who suffered from kissing spines to fully understand the extent of this damage.

I’m here to tell you that we need to do better and that we can do better!

It’s possible to ride, have fun and enjoy riding horses whilst also taking care of their bodies and minds.

Here's how I can help you

Equine Osteopathy

During an osteopathic session I will look at your horse’s body to improve the alignment of the joints through the gentle rebalancing of soft tissue.

From muscles to fascia to cranial bones and viscera, nothing is left unchecked!

This allows the body to work with its natural abilities instead of against itself.

Those sessions can help with back pain, irregularities in your horse’s riding and general asymmetries.

Osteopathy and Groundwork

Born from my work with horses who suffered from kissing spine, these sessions are my way to work towards preventing instead of trying to fix a body in pain.

After an osteopathic realignment, we go to your school and practice movements that will be beneficial for your horse’s balance and posture.

Using a mix of inhand polework and static exercises, theses sessions are incredibly fun and helpful.

Kissing Spine Rehab

Kissing spine, in my opinion, is part of the last stage of poor breeding and poor posture combined.

It is stressful for the owner, painful for the horse and generally involves a lot of emotions!

I love supporting people going through this journey by guiding them during the rehab, sharing with them my knowledge and giving them the support they need to get their horse to the other side.

What my Clients Says

My pony was exhibiting behaviours that could have been related to pain but having had a variety of equine body workers to check/treat him without improving I was thinking it must be my interactions that were unwittingly training unwanted responses.
Fortunately I found Louise.
On her assessment she identified the source of his discomfort said she could improve things but it would take a while.
It didn't!Just three full treatments later I have a comfortable generally co operative boy.
Louise's calm sensitive scientific approach made it easy for my anxious pony to co operate with her and I can't thank her enough.


Louise is absolutely fabulous! I honestly don't know what I would have done without her in the last 9 months or so ❤️ My horse was diagnosed with Kissing Spines and had surgery in January. Louise has worked with us pre-op and post-op helping with the rehab every step of the way (as well as the physical treatment too). She is caring, knowledgeable, approachable and always makes you feel like she has all the time in the world for you and your horse-she never rushes a session and my horse absolutely loves her! I'll be forever grateful for Louise's support... She'll continue to be a part of my horses 'team' for the long haul! Thank you for all you do Louise! Xx


Louise is caring, quiet and works with each animal individually. At their pace and level of pain. I had been told by my vet that there was nothing wrong with a young horse that suddenly started bucking so viciously I broke a bone without falling off! So far he hasn’t bucked once since his two treatments. We are both delighted. Highly recommend


Yet again , I had Louise out to treat Paris and every time Louise treats her , that little mare is transformed . I can't recommend Louise more highly . Paris has issues , which are of long standing from before I owned her , but thanks to Louise , we are getting there . Her approach to the horses is delightful . I would never think of using anyone else . Her calm , sympathetic approach is reassuring to both owner and horse and her knowledge and diversity of treatment is phenomenal . Paris is a stressy horse , but she enjoys her treatments so much , it's a pleasure to witness . Thank you Louise ....from Paris and I x


Louise has really made a difference to my jumping horse, he had several issues causing him to counter bend and making the saddle slip, she found out lots about him and from just 3 treatments he is like a different horse - I am truly amazed! And very grateful for what she has done for us - she is very professional and has a calming manner - watching the treatments made me relax too. I would recommend her to everyone.


Louise has been working on my small herd for a couple of years. She is brilliant with all the horses, I have one special boy who can be difficult to handle, Louise has an amazing calming influence on him and listens when he gets a little tense so he can take time to relax again. I cannot recommend her enough as she really makes a difference to their well-being


Brilliant ! Fantastic horsewoman and amazing treatments for my horses along with good advice and tips for future care.


Excellent, Louise is very professional and calm. Amazing to see how powerful even the gentlest of touches are on such a huge animal. Fury is almost in a trance throughout!