My name is Louise Mauferon Vernet and I’m an Equine Manual Therapist, specialising in osteopathic techniques. I am French, grew up in the beautiful city of Paris, and have been living in Sussex for the past 6 years.

My Life with Horses


I started riding when I was 10. Because I lived in such a big city, I didn’t have the opportunity to ride more than once a week, but that meant that every holiday was dedicated to riding in camps and throughout France.

I did my first 10 days hack when I was 12 and did one a year until I was 16. I was lucky enough to be first rider for the last trip, which was an amazing experience.

When I was 17 I started riding with an instructor from Le Cadre Noir de Saumur which was incredile and taught me a lot.

After I decided to move to England in 2010, I stopped riding for 5 years which was really hard. Unfortunately I didn’t have a car and being a student I was very busy studying for my course. I still had opportunities to ride from time to time, like when I went to the stunning Wadi Rum desert in Jordan to ride my friend’s horses .

I finally started riding again in 2015 and have a lovely horse that I loan and ride several times a week. His name is Rooney, and he is the gorgeous painted horse above!

My life as an Equine Manual Therapist

I’ve always wanted to work with horses, They’re the only thing I wouldn’t mind waking up for every morning. Being passionate about science, I also knew that I wanted my job to be science based. When I discovered Equine Osteopathy and the school in Brighton, I knew I had found my future job.

Always looking to improve the students’ skills and abilities, the 3 year course that I initially enrolled on was transformed into a 5 year course, adding to my knowledge several concepts, such as Cranial Osteopathy and Visceral Osteopathy, as well as many hands on days at the stables, bringing me the practice I needed to be a confident practitioner.

After finishing my 5 years of full time studying and presenting my thesis to a jury, I received my diploma with the highest distinction.

I now work in beautiful Sussex, driving around the county to meet people and their horses, bringing them this truly amazing way to improve their horse’s daily life, performance and health.