As you’ll soon find out if we work together, I’m French and was born and raised in Paris.


Luckily for me, there was plenty of riding schools in the suburbs and so from the age of 10, everything was about riding and horses, and sometimes horses and riding, and then maybe some more horse riding, just in case I missed horses!

I’m going to be honest, I would have started riding a lot earlier if I had had a say in it, but my father was convinced that my talent for music was too great to pass and insisted I gave it a go. Poor man, at least he tried!


From that point onward, every holiday was dedicated to riding, and I had my fair share of amazing experiences, riding horses wherever I was and enjoying their company every time I could.


This lead me to studying Equine Osteopathy here in the UK, which lead me to finding my second passion, the warm and cosy islands of our dear Queen Elizabeth!


In all seriousness though, I did fall in love with the country and decided to stay after finishing my masters and presenting my thesis on Fascia with congratulations from my tutors.


This decision to stay and live in the UK then lead me to this dude in the pictures. Gorgeous, isn’t he?


I shared him with his owner for a few years, and it’s during that time that we got the dreaded diagnoses of Kissing Spine.



I knew that something was off even though he was ridable, and when the owner agreed to have him checked, we finally got confirmation.


But here’s the thing.


I know that for most people, getting the diagnosis comes with an incredible feeling of dread and fear, but I didn’t feel that way at all.

On the contrary, after the first initial pain of finding out how right I was, I got into “focused” mode.


From looking at different saddle fitters, to checking trainers in our area, I made it my mission to help him get better, and I did so with confidence, thanks to my in depth training as an osteopath!


Having now done this process with clients too, I know that this is where my third passion really lies, in supporting people who are going through what I personally went through and help them get to the other end.


This is why I specialise in Kissing Spine. I hate this pathology with all my heart, which means I give my 100% to each horse and rider combo I meet.


I can’t guarantee that your horse will fully recover, now one can. But I can guarantee we’re gonna give it our best effort, throw everything at the problem, and hopefully get your horse to be a happy ridden horse once again.