I always get so humbled when people take the time to write a testimonial or a recommandation. This testimonial was posted on facebook and is definitely worth sharing! The top picture is her mare, Spirit, taking a nap halfway through our session… Incredibly adorable!

“I have had Louise treating my ponies for the at least a year now. The improvement in them is incredible. I hadn’t been able to school or lunge one of them for years due to mild lameness on a circle that the vet had investigated and concluded there was no cure. After one treatment with the aim of encouraging her to carry herself differently so she was more comfortable there was no lameness on a circle (albeit the circles weren’t particularly round to begin with) and the improvement has just continued. Her balance and self carriage have improved significantly since being able to school her again. The other one had some muscle damage due to an ill fitting saddle a number of years ago which has never come right, partly due to his old age. I never though I would see any improvement in it but he is slowly but surely improving, and his back is lifting again. Would recommend her to anyone, and have done to those that will listen! The fact that they were both so chilled out during their sessions today that they felt the need to lay down and take a nap says it all.”

Thank you again to Hazel for taking the time to write this down 😊

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