Kissing Spine Rehab

Supporting you and your horse through the rehab process

Getting the diagnosis for kissing spine can be overwhelming and stressful, whether it comes as a surprise or not.


Although there is no way to know for sure if your horse’s body has the ability to overcome the postural defects and bone changes that happened, my aim is to guide you and support you throught this process so that we give your horse’s body the best chances possible.

The Rehab Process

Equine Osteopathic Sessions

During the rehab process your horse will get regular equine osteopathic sessions.

These are designed to support your horse’s body through the changes in posture and movement we are creating, as well as assess the improvements of your horse’s body regularly.

This means that we are always adjusting our work to your horse’s particular needs instead of using a one size fits all type of program!

Postural Rehab

This part of the rehab includes all the exercises we will use to change the posture of your horse.

As you probably know, kissing spine has several causes for it, and posture is one of the big ones in my opinion.

Spending time strengthening your horse’s postural muscles to support the spine is key to giving your horse a chance at developing a strong back!

Dynamic rehab

The dynamic part of the rehab is the process of retraining your horse’s movement from dysfunctional to healthy, and strengthening this new and healthy movement.

This is done by using exercises that will re-balance the use of the different muscle groups.

From in hand work to ridden exercises, you will be given tools that will help you nurture your horse’s body long term so that once you’re back in the saddle, you stay in it!

Please not that I’m not qualified to work on humans, my work is solely focused on animals and I’m qualified only as an Equine Osteopath, not and Osteopath.