Canine Therapy

 How to Book a Session:

Simply contact me via email, phone call, text message or via my Facebook page. I try to reply as soon as I can but do allow a couple of days for me to get back to you.

When Booking Your First Session:

You will be asked your vet’s details when booking your first session. It is the law for every manual practitioner to talk to your vet beforehand, as this ensures that your dog can get the best care possible.

The appointment will be taken for the following week. If this isn’t your dog’s first session, your appointment will be made at the closest availability. 


On the Day:

I always advise for the dog to be walked before the session as to avoid any toilet interruptions. Please allow 30 minutes for your dog to cool down before my arrival.

Sessions are to be held at your home. This ensures that your dog is not stressed by the travel or by a new environment filled with unknown smells.


What to Expect During Your Session:

 A few questions on the age, gender, health history, etc.

 Brief static observation of your dog to check balance and symmetry of the muscles and to get an initial idea of how your dog uses its body. This will depend on your dogs ability to stand still for a minute or two.

Palpation, where every muscle, joint, organ and tissue of your dog will be checked manually.

Brief dynamic observation if necessary.

 Assessment of the mobility of joints and organs.

 Manipulation of the restricted areas if appropriate.

After the Session

Your dog might need to sleep after the session, so allow a couple hours of rest before walking it. Small walks are usually advised following the session.

How Long Does a Session Take:

It takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour to do a session on a dog. Some animals are more calm than others, so you will not be charged if the session lasts for longer.

How often should your dog be seen?

This will depend on the age and general state of your dog. An average dog will need a session every 3 months, as long as no other health issues arise.