My journey with kissing spine

I think that by now it’s a surprise to no one when I say I hate kissing spine! And the reason why I hate it so much is because I’ve been there.
A few years ago I was sharing a beautiful horse, the gorgeous Roo below, and he got diagnosed with KS.
It broke my heart in about a million ways, but I think one of the main reason was because I knew something was wrong long before he was diagnosed, and it was driving me absolutely insane.
Like constantly-worried-always-on-my-mind kind of insane.
Because obviously there was signs!
His topline never seemed to grow.
His back would go really hollow after a long or intense ride.
He would walk away when seeing the saddle.
He would slow down when being ridden unless the adrenaline was pumping.
And about 50 000 more signs.
But that’s the thing, when we finally got his diagnosis, even though at first I was completely devasted and heart broken, pretty quickly I realised I’d gone from being worried constantly and feeling completely stuck to being active and getting into “get shit done” mode.
Seriously, I can’t even tell you what a difference it made to my mind, it was like being liberated. Finally we had confirmation of what was wrong and we could act on it!
One of the many reasons why I hate KS so much is because I still remember how stressful and horrible it all was.
For me, the diagnosis was a liberation because I knew what needed to be done. I knew the steps, and I felt confident that we could get it right.
But I know for a lot of people the diagnosis is just the begining of the storm.
For most people, that constantly-worried-always-on-my-mind state doesn’t end with the diagnosis, and that’s because they don’t have the training I have!
So I want to help.
If your horse just got diagnosed with KS and you’re feeling all the feelings, and you’re looking for help, someone you can turn to when you’re not sure, someone who can make sure you’re doing all the things needed to give your horse the best chances, I’m your gal.
Kinda like a Gandalf for kissing spine 😁🧙‍♂️
If this is you, just message me and we’ll schedule a call to find the best way to work together!

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