Course Introduction Part 2: Muscle mass

In module 2 we’ll talk about muscle mass.
The idea is to walk through the body and talk about what a strong neck looks like vs a weak one and so on. As we do this, I want to also explain what areas of tension can look like, so that you can start to see where your horse might be tight!
And finally, I want to talk about what a weak area can mean. Sometimes an area is not well developed because of training, but it’s good to also know that sometimes the body can’t use an area well maybe because of pain, and so we can keep an eye out when reading the muscle mass!
All of these tools are things that I use daily in my practice.
Being able to read all of those things will let you know if your training is working the way you think it is, it will help you notice when something suddenly changes in your horse’s body and will, hopefully, help you pick up on issues earlier than you would have otherwise

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