Course introduction part 4: Pain!

Pain is obviously an important subject but there are 2 specific reasons why I want to do a whole module on pain.
The first one is because I’ve noticed that most of the people I work with have a similar worry that they will miss the signs of pain and ride their horse when he/she is in pain. This leads to all sorts of worry, tension, stress and other.
And I hate that, because pretty much all the people I work with are really kind and caring people who just want to take good care of their horse!
When you know the signs of pain, you can evaluate your horse much more accurately and see the whole picture. This means that you can see when your horse is in pain AND when your horse is actually fine and happy! So I hope that this module will give you space to relax and enjoy those happy times, knowing that you are aware enough to spot signs of discomfort earlier than most!
Now, the second reason is actually related to our industry, and a trend I’ve noticed. I’ve met people over the years who will see signs of pain and will be advised to not worry about it and push on by people around them. And this creates almost opposite pulls inside people, one that I would call the gut feeling where they know that something isn’t right, and the other that is filled with self doubt in their abilities as horse people because no one around them agrees. And this sucks.
I hope that by studying the signs of pain you will be able to stand strong in your position, gently tell people that you will follow your own knowledge and keep pushing to support your horse the way your gut tells you to. Because in most instances there is indeed something wrong!
Knowledge is power and it can help support us take great care of our horses, even when we stand alone!

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