Course Introduction Module 5

In this module we’ll talk about how you can use everything you’ve learned so far, from how your horse moves to how well muscled your horse is to whether or not there is pain, and use it to train your horse towards balance and strength with simple exercises!
I’ve said it before, good training is basically making sure that all the exercises you use have a benefit to the specific needs of your horse’s body. The main issue I see people having is that, because they don’t know what they’re looking at, they also can’t really tell if the exercises they use are doing what think they’re doing!
But by this point, you will actually KNOW what you’re looking at 😁 so will you actually know if the exercise is suitable or not! We’ll cover some of my favourite exercises, talk about what they’re good for, how to do them and how to tell if you’re doing it right 😊
This is going to be really fun and I hope that by this point, anyone that has a tendency to be stressed about their horse will feel relaxed and excited about this new chapter in their journey 🥰

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