Osteo and Groundwork

Helping you adapt your training to fit your horse's body

How to train and school horses in a way that respects the natural alignment of their joints and protects their bodies from strain, is a poorly understood subject by most.

This lack of understanding leads riders to use exercises that are not adapted to their horse’s body and create tension, compensatory posture and soreness instead of strength and suppleness.

In these sessions

Equine Osteopathic session

We start with an Equine osteopathic session to balance your horse’s musculoskeletal system.

This allows the body to find new mobility and and ease in the movement. 

It also gives me an clear view and understanding of what patterns need to be trained out of your horse’s body and more importantly, which movement we need to train in!

Groundwork session

We then take to your school to practice exercises together using a mix of in hand pole and static movements.

The aim is for you to implement these in your weekly routine so that your horse’s body starts to build a stronger and more stable foundation.

We also discuss  ridden exercises to complement the groundwork we did together!

Please not that I’m not qualified to work on humans, my work is solely focused on animals and I’m qualified only as an Equine Osteopath, not an Osteopath!¬†