I turned 27 last august, and never posted what I had learnt this year, so I thought I’d do it now!!

This year has been incredible, I’ve learned so much and I thought i would share what I consider to be the most important thing I’ve learned on here 😊

It’s pretty simple. The impact we, as riders, have on our horse’s body is huge, much bigger than what most people think. With poor training you can make a sound horse lame, you can create pathologies and injuries, you can stress the body and the structures to the point of tearing. In short, you can really damage your horse.
But the opposite is also true! With good training you can bring a horse back to balance and help maintain soundness, you can strengthen and supple the tissu, you can help avoid injuries and improve the posture!

These past few years I’ve really learned to question everything I was ever taught on training and riding and this has helped me understand what good training looks like. It’s a long journey but it’s so important that you, as an owner, do the same and learn to question what you’re told, so that you can always make sure you’re doing the best for your horse.

I will be adding a list of training methods and principles I agree with to help you train your eye! I really think having a good visual idea of where you’re trying to go is the first step to ensuring you’re working your horse the right way 😁

Here’s a picture of Roo during a straightness training clinic I took him to before I left for my break. We learned to work on his posture and self carriage, and we will be back for more learning this automne!

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