New Online Course: Part 1

I’d love to introduce you more to the online course I’ve created.
One because I’m really proud of it and think it’s going to be really fun, but also because I want you to know exactly what the course will contain!
There are so many great courses and webinars out there, I know it can be a lot. So I want you to know what’s in this course so that you’re really sure if this is something that you need or not!
So here we are, part 1 of course introduction 👌
The first module of the course will be focused on bits of anatomy that I think are really useful to know for a horse owner/rider.
I’m starting with this because learning anatomy changed the way I looked at horses forever. I still remember the first ever practice session we did during my osteopathic course. We’d been studying the anatomy of the front leg and went to a yard to practice finding the different structures and palpating them. And I remember walking into a stable and instead of seeing a horse the way I usually did, suddenly all I saw was a scapula, and how defined it was!
It was such a strange feeling, to look at a horse and not see just a horse, but see a body instead. It’s really something quite unique.
And I also remember feeling a pinch of sadness, because I knew I had stepped in a direct that would change my relationship with horses forever.
But you know what?
I am so grateful that I carried on this path! It was the start of understanding that horses were more than just fun animals and that they actually also were a body that needed lots of care. It helped me as a rider years later and to this day I still learn and understand new ways of using anatomy for the benefit of the horse.
For all those reasons, the first module will be on anatomy. It will be practical anatomy, enough to help you get around but not too much that you get overwhelmed.
And I hope it will change your relationship to horses for better too, just like it did with me!

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