Course Introduction Module 3

The third module is going to be all about how the different parts of your horse’s body should move and how you can learn to observe them to spot asymmetries, tightness and potential subtle lamenesses! And this is actually much more straightforward to see than you might think.
I remember seeing a cob once, with a very restricted back and hip joints. As a result, the gait looked incredibly stiff and lacked movement. By the end of the session, he was moving so freely that the owner couldn’t believe how much movement he could have in his pelvis!
We chatted about it, and she said “so when the swing gets smaller it’s when I call you?” And this is basically it. You don’t need to know the fancy terms, you just need to know what it should look like, what it can look like when there is stiffness, and what it can look like when there’s a subtle lameness.
This is my best way to help you become a super-aware, mega-into-prevention horse owner 😊

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